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anime confession: i’ve never finished this series but have a boring Shinji thinking about robots and dicks

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i am the fast sinking anchor


letting ya know that you are not supposed to do strength exercises daily, this can fuCK UP YOUR MUSCLES REALLY BADLY. you are supposed to do this every other day with lots of resting in between. best of luck on your goals uvu (i think you are good looking already js but ye) 

;o thank you !!

yes that’s true, i don’t train the same muscle groups two days in a row though,  so i think i’m good 8) i hope

tbh i don’t think i’ll ever be confident in my body until i’m ripped,  and i’m not sure how long that will take, if ever

both my brothers have tattoos

the oldest one, has quite a few covering his arms, but they’re all done in a different styles, so it all looks pretty incoherent, and they’re kinda,. they seem like they weren’t made by the very best tattoo artist to put it that way

the other one, has a star wars tattoo, cause he’s a huge nerd, and it’s cool, nothing special really

there are 2/3 ones i’d could see myself having myself but it’s like, two of them would be in solid black, and the other one, could be black too i suppose, but it’d be heavily detailed so i’m afraid i had gotten more than just one it would seem random and just?? idk shitty

but lmao, this is something i will be considering for years probably, so i won’t rush anything, and if i decide to get one, it should be properly done and with someone i feel i can trust, or y’know, someone skilled

do any of you know of any tumblr blogs/instagram users whatever that posts a lot of tattoos?


Happy Birthday Kaworu!

…and good night.