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Anonymous whispered: macklemore

blasting ‘same love’ in the hallway

Anonymous whispered: whispering "yes homo" and kissing dudes

that will most certainly let the people know yes

Anonymous whispered: beanie

i’m not wearing a beanie. ..

i cant wear any type of hat or whatever without looking like a 12 year old

is there some secret queer insignia to let queer people, but only queer people know that i too Am Gay


This is man’s ultimate fighting machine, the synthetic life form know as Evangelion. It is mankind’s last hope.


anon requested unit 01 in palette #3 or #15, so i chose the 3rd one because i’ve already used the 15th one before. i hope you like it!


X-Men: Days of Future Past,Pietro Maximoff / Quicksilver,Evan Moie正在治疗拖延症

nagisa-the-waifu replied to your post: im such  a boring person and i’m …

Aaawww well don’t be shy :) You want to talk about it or anything :D?

nah it’s cool really 8)

i just need to listen to what he and his friends are saying, so i can like try to say something funny inbetween their usual chit chat

im such  a boring person and i’m terrified of what people might think of me and i never tell any jokes because i am so ,. boring

which is sad because there’s this guy in class who’s extremely cute and i wish i could make him laugh somehow because whenever he smiles i get real happy :+)